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Re: [MiNT] re Martin Eric racine, Guido Leaving?

> > About the MinixFS problem: the latest version (pl9) work very well here. 
> > I use it on my main partitions without any problem.
> I know :) I use pl9 now :) works very well as far as I can tell.
> Couldn't say the same about pl7 and pl8

Have you tried copying multiple files accross partitions or filesystems
such as, minix to minix, minix to vfat....  _That_ is where it chokes
the kernel's cache.  Within one partition, no problem.  _NOT_ accross.

Try this:

cp -au /e/some/dir/with/500/files/or/more/*  /f/new/place/on/other/drive/

and notice that the hard-drive light stays on while the cache (or Minix
0.70.9) pauses to catch its breath and analyze the next series of inodes
to be written.  The drive is effectivley locked in mid-write, until the
next batch of inodes is written.

Jo Even also reported this, so I cannot be dreaming this, and he is
on Falcon while I am on TT.

PS:  I'm not trying to be nasty, but when I report bugs politely and
     receive replies along the lines of "works fine here, fix your
     damn TT!" even though others report the same bug, I wonder....

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