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RE: [MiNT] removable medias

> > empty floppy ---> system Alert asking me for inserting a floppy disk.
> First of all, this is exactly why SPIN is treating an empty drive identical
> to a "blank" CD. This is usually more convenient than seeing the critical
> error handler.

well, anything is better than a modal AES alert "insert something into
that drive". Actually simulating blank CD is a quite good idea since it's
read-only so nobody would write to it. However with a floppy I would
welcome if opendir() simply failed as it does with empty harddrive.

BTW I think our MiNTlib chdir() is broken - it shouldn't allow me to
change dir into empty harddrive I think. It should return an error code

> If you want to get rid of the critical error handle, you can just install a
> dummy one. I can send some sample code tomorrow, in case you need that.

Yes, please. I would need to solve that very much. Though I wonder what
kind of error handler it will be? Will it require hooking on trap vectors
or something like that? I would need it for a kind of system clean
application, no "TSR corner clock hack" this time ;-)


P.S. I am writting this from joy@ account. I never used it before and all
mails I wrote from this account were posted last week and just into MiNT
mailing list. Nevertheless I got some spam mails this weekend. How is this
possible? Is MiNT list mirrored somewhere at a news server?