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Re: [MiNT] Compiling mgetty > 0.98

On Mon, 8 Mar 1999, Marc-Anton Kehr wrote:

> I've compiled mgetty in different versions, and found out, that versions
> above 0.98 didn't produce a right lockfile when starting it from ttytab with
> init.prg.
> It only produces a lockfile like this, LCK.. without ttyx extension, or
> something like that LCK..7....(...#... and so on.
> Has anybody tried to compile a newer version of mgetty and knows about this
> trouble and how to fix it?
> My C knowledge is a mess, so I can't manage to fix it.:(

I compiled version 1.1.12 under mint. However I never observed the problem
you speak of so I couldn't say how to fix it. I could send you the binary
I made if you like. However I hit upon various other problems, and it got
a bit mangled while trying to make it work. It does work (I use it every
day), but it probably has bugs.

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