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[MiNT] Bus errors on 1.15.7

I'd better start by explaining that I'm not complaining
about bus errors, but -lack of- bus errors.

I'm running an Afterburner 040 with a Mint setup (AES 4.1,
if ya'll are interested).  Under 1.14 with the following lines
I get a bus error (as I should):

    blah = NULL;
    *blah = 500; /* Bus error here - alert acc pops up with
                    all the info */

Under 1.15.7, I get a lock up, not a bus error.  When this happens,
I have to cycle power on my Falcon.  Not a good thing.

I know Petr reads this list.  Have you experienced any such thing
in 1.15?  I beleive the 1.14 I have is the version you built.


Michael White (michael@fastlane.net)