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Re: [MiNT] Apache http server

On Mon, 8 Mar 1999, John Blakeley wrote:

> I've just put 1.3.3 with the proxy module enabled,on my web page:
> 	www.ligotage.demon.co.uk
> At the moment it's 030/68881 only, but the diffs are included in the
> distribution, so it's easy enough to recompile. I'll compile a 68000 version
> tonite, unless my Afterburner has turned up ;-D

Well I installed that, it does seem to work better, but it still freezes
sometimes. When this happen it just doesn't respond at all to any http
requests. kill -HUP makes it come right, until it decides to freeze again.
It doesn't freeze very often, but it's a nuisance when it does.

Any ideas?

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