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Re: [MiNT] got kernel

On Sat, 20 Mar 1999, kellis wrote:

> when booting in mintos, the screen gets 2 parasites lines.
> Still, fine.. I load naes. and there naes loads into a wrong graphic mode.
> Like 2 colors mixed with something else. (all screwed up mode), just like
> Xaaes boots with a wrong parameters for video. Can't even see the screen.
> hard to explain, (red scren btw, with hm like interlaced with every x
> lines shifted).
> With or without centscreen loaded, same thing.

Same thing here ... I can see that AESSYS creshes when GEM should come up.

> I got new minix fs too.

Witch version of minixfs you are using with CT2B? Only version I have
managed to work is very first one (distributed with KGMD) ?

> Back to old kernel now..

1.15.1-9 seems to work fine here ...

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