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[MiNT] X11

someone here (don't know who) asked why he couldn;t type anything, his
keybrd didn't respond.

I know how to avoid that. Do NOT run silkmouse.

Don't know why but that's the prob. If I run X11 with silkmouse, my keybrd
is deaf. 

Call me stupid, but:

To me, X11 newer version should be available on MiNT (no matter what the
linux people will say).
I don't like X11, and I do know that it is very slow and huge.

However, many people have higher spec machines, and X11 will go fine.
2) for learning purpose.
3) for networking, using a mint machine as a dumb X11 client.

I don't ask for it to be done.
However I really think X11 shouldn;t be denied entirely just becase it is
MiNT. Nothing can beat Naes imho. (after having played with
gnome/enlightenment/kde/afterstep on a linux machine (p266)) MiNT still
suits me best as far as GUI. So there is no threat to our beloved GUI.

5) I know X is huge to compile, BUT I think here, we have some people with
fast raw machines with gcc installed as cross-compiler, so X11r6
cross-compile shouldn't take very long to compile. 
I for one, would be happy to know (not to use automatically) that X11
color is doable on MiNT.

Anyway, just a thought.