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Re: [MiNT] MiNTLib 0.52.3b


On Tue, Aug 03, 1999 at 02:17:54PM +0300, Martin-Eric Racine wrote:
> > There is a file called `configvars' in the top-level directory.
> > Now have a guess why it is called `configvars' and not
> > `dont-touch-me' ... ;-)
> Found. ;-)
> Btw, I edited mine _not_ to use a global "tooldirs" (or whatever
> it was called) because FHS doesn't put everything in /usr/bin
> (which KGMD symlinks to /bin).

Yes, folks, and if you want to benefit from the goodies that Frank
and me are preparing for yous, you should change that now (to get
acquainted with the problems arising from that).  The directories
"/usr/bin" and "/bin" (the same applies to "/usr/sbin" <-> "/sbin"
and "/usr/lib" and "/lib") should be distinct. They should /not/
be symlinked to each other.

As for the "tooldirs" (you probably mean "prefix"): The development
versions of the MiNTLib that I release don't belong to a 
distribution.  So, by default they will install in "/usr/local"
so that the files don't clobber your original setup.  One exception
is the timezone database (it would be very hard to make that path

However, what Martin did is actually intended.  A binary distribution
of the MiNTLib should of course install the files in "/usr" and
not in "/usr/local" (if you use the supplied installation script
you can decide that at installation time by changing "configvars").
My suggestion for a binary distribution would be:

	/usr/include - All headers with subdirectories
	/lib - Libraries and startup files
	/sbin - The tzinit program
	/usr/sbin - All other timezone tools
	/usr/man - The handful of manpages that come along
	/usr/share - The zoneinfo database

For testing purposes you should replace "/usr" with "/usr/local",
"/lib" with "/usr/local/lib" and "/sbin" with "/usr/local/sbin".
As said above the path for the zoneinfo database should not be
changed.  If you want to avoid overwriting old files, don't 
install it at all.


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