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Re: [MiNT] MiNTLib 0.52.3b

> And if you're the kind of person that mess up your removables under MiNT,
> it's very likely that you will do the same under Linux as well...

Well, I never did, sorry to disappoint you. When I change a floppy under
bash, there's no problem in Linux, and there is in MiNT.

> I'd really like to know what's so "screwed" about MiNT...

The fact that you need a desktop to force a media change?

> It's a *lot* harder than just inserting the floppy and press <ESC>...

Unless you have to start your AES just for that purpose. Bash fails
miserably at detecting media changes. And that is the point I'm trying
to make. In graphical shells it's always easy, both in Linux and MiNT.

> I agree with kellis. What are the advantages of "real" mounting? I can hear
> the MagiC-zealots already - "MiNT sux, you have to be a unix-guru to
> blarghblurbgurba..." (i.e. the same old song).

They say that anyway. And on a console we'll need a way to force
mediachanges anyway, and that will mean typing a command, whether it's
mount or anything else. It's very nice that both MiNT and Linux have
graphical desktops that handle this easily, but if I wanted only
graphical shells I'd prolly be a Magic-zealot myself.

And still nobody has told me what is so terrible about automount.