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Re: [MiNT] MiNTLib 0.52.3b

On Thu, 5 Aug 1999 maurits@bassment.demon.nl wrote:

> > And if you're the kind of person that mess up your removables under MiNT,
> > it's very likely that you will do the same under Linux as well...
> Well, I never did, sorry to disappoint you. When I change a floppy under
> bash, there's no problem in Linux, and there is in MiNT.

hm never got such prob with my cdrom, jaz drive and floppy.
That would probably explain why I don't agree at all with you all.

> > I'd really like to know what's so "screwed" about MiNT...
> The fact that you need a desktop to force a media change?
well, here with no aes, only the shell, (bash indeed), I slip a cdrom, 
ls /p
correct listing.
Eject cd. put another one.
ls /p   
works also.
So i really can't imagine the problems you are having.

> Unless you have to start your AES just for that purpose. Bash fails
> miserably at detecting media changes. And that is the point I'm trying
> to make. In graphical shells it's always easy, both in Linux and MiNT.
define "miserably" coz it works here.

BEsides, doesn't the tool mediaforce work?
Never had to use it myself, but from what i understand it really should.

mediaforce /<device_letter>