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RE: [MiNT] MiNTLib 0.52.3b

> mount filesystems somewhere else, go ahead and do it, but keep the
> entry in U:\ and hide it.     The concept is OK, don't break it.

Keeping the auto-mounted entries in U, as long as they are
hidden, would suit me just fine.  ;-)

However, it still doesn't give us back the ability to use FSTAB
for inserting hierarchies at a precise mount point, when desired.

There is still one unresolved issue, pertaining to mounting:
Networked drives (e.g. NFS and Samba).  How will we mount those,
while trying to keep the method consistant with what is done on
other Unices?  

Btw, I haven't tried Samba yet, but NFS definitely doesn't work 
right with non-MiNT systems.  My admin reports it won't respond
to authentication requests.  Also, doing 'ls' on /nfs shows the 
content of /proc instead of what's in it, every couple of times.
Could this be caused by the nfs.xfs client?

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