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Re: [MiNT] NFS problem

Martin-Eric Racine wrote:
> On Fri, 5 Nov 1999, Anthony Jacques wrote:
> > Frank, I'm sure you are aware that not all systems are
> > identical to yours - perhaps there is something in the
> > source/tools that does not work with setups other than yours.
> Good, at least someone realizes...
> Anyhow, my point all along has been this:
> If/when a package is distributed and typing 'make' does not
> reproduce the results of the author, something is wrong. It
> is sometimes only a question of upgrading compilers, or bin
> utils but, without pointers from the author, it is almost a
> proverbial "finding the needle in a haystack."
> > Do you (both of you) mind if we keep personal attacks off
> > this list (or better, have none), and just try and figure out
> > whats wrong?
> I'd love to.
> However, every time I mention not being able to build certain
> particular packages, I keep on getting these dumb ass kind of
> replies from whoever happens to be maintaining the package:
> 1) "No problem here.  You're probably too dumb to type 'make'."
> 2) "Fix your goddamn fucked-up setup using blah-m68kmint.rpm, it
>     works great here and happens to be the cure for AIDS."
> Seriously, until someone publishes a manifest of their _whole_
> filesystem and can prove it contains no "alpha, developper only
> binary nobody ever heard of on the MiNT list because we made it
> for the KGB" kinda material that magicaly fixes everything, those
> "works fine here" kinda sweeping statements should go /dev/null.
> Telling people _what_ to look for and what tools are needed to
> reproduce one's efforts is far much constructive than dumbly
> assuming everybody to be morons.
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Martin, you are complaining about something I see all the time.
But it is not just MiNT that has the problem.  Linux (slackaware)
has been insane for the last 3 releases.  I couldn't even install
because I couldn't get a sane enough boot to fix it.

Linux (slackware) has been chaing the libraries and/or compilers
with EVERY release.  It is always assumed that you will format
to a clean disk and then install.   Upgrading is weird.  I never
know if I have enough libraries in my /lib.  Because currently
the latest ( 2.2.6) has a complete enough bootup that I can
manage my system, but it complains that I have the wrong library!
I installed EVERYTHING.   sigh. it looks like a USER problem...

My atari  is a mega4 with 2 105P disks.  I alternate between
1.04 and 2.06.  With 2.06 I can use the MONOTERM  (19") monitor.
The card for gets hot so I took it out....  But with a little
assistance the thing works.   Has anybody done any work with
this setup?   There is no documentation that I can find
about the 2.06 interface.   I have SKULL and several other
boot programs that bring up the monitor from stand TOS. 
I habitually boot from floppy on all my systems.  On the PC
I run Win 3.1 where I send and receive email. Win95 for stuff
that demands it, and Linux.  I have a falcon and an STE,
but I dont have space to set them all up.  I have a 4x6 disktop
that I put my current working system on.  I can swap the megas
but if I bring up the falcon it comes up on a SVGA terminal and
I dont have an adapter to let it use the Quantum disks I use
with the mega.

Don't give Martin such a hard time.  Sometimes I see him ask about
a problem that someone else will tell him to change some parm.
He does so.  Mostly Martin is doing everyone a favor for 
being open about the problems.  Knowlege about how stuff
doesn't work is more valuable than similar knowlege about
how it does work. Beleive it or not,  all software needs
someone to BREAK it  so that causual users like myself
can also compile the new things.  

Most of you run on 68040 and 68060 machines.  Mine is a vanila
USA atarist with 4 megs and 200 megs of disk.  I would upgrade
to the newest MiNT, but I have most of my space to tools,
utilities and other software, some experimental, some old
UNIX stuff, and I might look at MORIA from time to time,
but I would be annoyed if I lost it.   I am even working on
trying to put MINIX 1.5 on my disk and run it native, but 
linking is problematic.  So I work on that from time to time.
and I search all the include files and all the info I have
on my particular system.   None of the stuff I am doing
is particularly interesting to anyone but myself.  So I really
dont ask for help when I try to back port something from
Linux.   ( I still cannot get mints FSCK to work) I get
illegal instruction traps.  I think I have a 68040 version.
It doesnt work for me so I can make GCC ( 1.41, 2.7.3)  work.
Then I could catch up to where Frank and Katherine and 
the rest of you are.  I use MWC a lot,  I have LATTICE,
Laze,  and 5 or 6 more.   I am trying to figure out how
MWC does the machine interface and replace peices and parts
of the MWC compiler.  It would help me if some one would
drop me a line about how to manage the malloc calls.  I 
have been haveing trouble with memory.

Keep up the good work, guys.


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