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Re: [MiNT] NFS problem

On Fri, 5 Nov 1999, Anthony Jacques wrote:

> Frank, I'm sure you are aware that not all systems are
> identical to yours - perhaps there is something in the
> source/tools that does not work with setups other than yours.

Good, at least someone realizes...

Anyhow, my point all along has been this:

If/when a package is distributed and typing 'make' does not
reproduce the results of the author, something is wrong. It
is sometimes only a question of upgrading compilers, or bin
utils but, without pointers from the author, it is almost a
proverbial "finding the needle in a haystack." 

> Do you (both of you) mind if we keep personal attacks off
> this list (or better, have none), and just try and figure out
> whats wrong?

I'd love to.  

However, every time I mention not being able to build certain
particular packages, I keep on getting these dumb ass kind of
replies from whoever happens to be maintaining the package:

1) "No problem here.  You're probably too dumb to type 'make'."

2) "Fix your goddamn fucked-up setup using blah-m68kmint.rpm, it
    works great here and happens to be the cure for AIDS."

Seriously, until someone publishes a manifest of their _whole_
filesystem and can prove it contains no "alpha, developper only
binary nobody ever heard of on the MiNT list because we made it
for the KGB" kinda material that magicaly fixes everything, those
"works fine here" kinda sweeping statements should go /dev/null.

Telling people _what_ to look for and what tools are needed to
reproduce one's efforts is far much constructive than dumbly
assuming everybody to be morons.  

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