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Re: [MiNT] Pgetauid/Psetauid


> > - login calls Psetauid() once the userid has been determined
> Why should login call Psetauid()?

Hum, perhaps for the same reason it calls Pseteuid()?
> > - if the user switches to another uid (except root), the auid remains
> > intact, so reading
> The auid remains intact even if the user becomes the superuser.

Right, my mistake. This is even better.
> > it we can determine (and write to logs) what is the original uid of the
> > user (i.e. the uid originally attributed to the user when he logged in for
> > the first time to start the current session).
> OK, this is a different understanding.  What I understood from Tesche's
> comment was that Pgetauid() should report which user was the first to log
> in after system startup.
> > Of course, this has to be supported by software (login, su at least) and
> > of course, the auid should be inherited by child processes.
> I don't know any software that supports it and honestly I don't see a
> reason why any software should support it because there is no use for that
> information.

It is enough that the children inherit it from their parents. I didn't
check if they do, but this may be something to fix. And the only program
that would have to call Psetauid(), would be the login.
> Anyway, the bug with the negative auid will get fixed.


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