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Re: [MiNT] NFS problem

> > I can create files using "touch" with correct permissions and
> > read existing files, but when editing a text using Pico, it
> > reports a "Permission Denied" and after canceling the save and
> > quiting, it produces a file that contains a series of @.
> Are you working as root on the mounting system (i.e. the MiNT machine),

Both are MiNT machines.

> but haven't set no_root_squash in the options for this directory in
> /etc/exports?

The server (e.g. TT) has this /etc/exports:


The client (e.g. Stacy) mounts this in rc.net:

nfs_mount rakastaja:/home /nfs/home
ln -s /nfs/home /home

Then, login as q-funk on the Stacy, it brings me to /home/q-funk
(as expected) which was previously mounted from the TT, as above.

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