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Re: [MiNT] ext2 error

Frank Naumann wrote:
> > If he reset the number each boot, it will never go down to zero, will
> > it? Maybe the counter is a separate value?
> The mount count is a value of the super block.

        __u16   s_mnt_count;            /* Mount count */
        __s16   s_max_mnt_count;        /* Maximal mount count */
so it appears the maximum "maximal mount count" number is 32767.

It also seems like setting s_max_mnt_count to a negative value will
disable this feature entirely:

                else if ((__s16) le16_to_cpu(es->s_max_mnt_count) >= 0 &&
                         le16_to_cpu(es->s_mnt_count) >=
                         (unsigned short) (__s16)
                        printk ("EXT2-fs warning: maximal mount count reached,
"                                "running e2fsck is recommended\n");