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[MiNT] beta 1.15.7 and Kobold


I just found out that Kobold 3.51 seems to have a problem with the latest 
kernel. I can start Kobold but when I click on the C drive buttom I get 
this in return:

pid 127 (KOBOLD_3): fatfs.c: open FILEPTR detect in: c_del_cookie (`.à\MINT\BIN\SH)

I only get this with the C drive.
Copying seems to work but when I quit Kobold I can't restart it. If I try 
to load it again the cursor change shape but that's all.

With 1.15.6b (and older) it doesn't matter where Kobold is located. VFAT, 
TOSFS or EXT2FS Kobold does work.

Another prog that seems to have problems with beta 1.15.7 is Connect 
2.46/95/97. It dies with an 'ILLEGAL INSTRUCTION' warning.
User PC=203B1E (basepage=CBCE00, text=CBCF00, data=D129DC, bss=D1A532) 

I doing this on a Hades 060 running 1.15.7b/N_AES 2.0.0./Thing 1.27b. I 
use the 030 kernel in non protection mode.

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