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[MiNT] pdomain(0) and Ext2-FS... Arrgh!

Hi everybody,

I just discovered something about the Ext2-FS yesterday. I was typing my answer 
to Frank and I needed to insert mkfatfs output that was saved into a file in 

That was the first time I did such a thing from LED on an Ext2 partition... and 
LED wasn't able to load my file. I couldn't even open the '/tmp' folder within 
the file selector.

The problem: The conversion from LFN to 8+3 that doesn't work as expected.

Thanks to the "long filenames" button of BoxKite, I explore my Ext2 partition 
to see what LFN look like in 8+3 and... Arrrgh! The names are converted to 
uppercase but that almost everything that works. Some names remains long.

Ex: LOST+FOUND/, MINT-DOCS/, MULTI_USER/ (which contain no dot in their name).

Some names are shortened to 8 but their extension contains 4 (four) chars, with 
a trailing dot sometimes. Ex:

bash.docs/ -> BASH.DOCS/
cron3.0pl1b/ -> CRON3.0PL1/
e2fsprog.tar.gz -> E2FSPROG.TAR. (trailing dot)
scc.0.11.lzh -> SCC-0.11.L (where does that dash come from?)

Should I mention all '.bashrc', '.bash_history' and '.bash_profile' that all 
become ".BASH"?

I'm starting to wonder if I shouldn't return back to Minix which works _way_ 
_much_ _better_ on LFN->8.3 conversion although there is still that problem of 
the duplicate names when several LFN are shortened to the same 8+3 name. 
Nevertheless, I've never had problems to open a folder within the file selector 
on a Minix partition under pdomain(0).

I'm wondering 2 things: Why isn't the name conversion included in the kernel 
(the Minix-FS one of course)? And why did nobody else but me notice that 
strange behavior?

My config: Hades 060, MiNT 1.15.5 and Ext2-FS 0.56.

See you later,

Remi Villatel
E-mail: maxilys@normandnet.fr