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Re: [MiNT] 1.15.7 beta

On Thu, 2 Mar 2000, Jo Even Skarstein wrote:

> On Thu, 2 Mar 2000 01:51:48 +0000, kellis wrote:
> > However, 1 thing I do not agree is the NEWTOSFS not being optional
> > anymore. This breaks gfa compiler for example That means (I know you all
> How does it break it? I really don't understand how NEWFATFS can break
> anything at all, unless there's a bug somewhere.

Just can't compile, error 233 whatever that means, and says can't compile
pexect.gfa.gfa  (twice the extension). very weird..

> If this really is the case then there must be something wrong with the
> TOS-interface in NEWFATFS, I really can't see how it can cause any problems
> otherwise. Fixing this (possible) problem is IMO a much better solution
> than keeping TOSFS.

Oh I totally agree with you. I wish we could get rid of TOSFS and only use
NEWFATFS, I agree.
But if TOS software don't work with NEWFATFS, why even use it at all?
might well ONLY use ext2fs if you are going to use clean properly
written software. The advantage of using FAT type (newfat, fat32, vfat
whatever) is that it is backward compatible yet offereing some extensions
(windows95 files, cheap long filename trick etc). 

So, yes, I agree with you and by no means I want to keep TOSFS,. Just that
as of today, until the environment is usable enough for users like me (not
just developing environment), TOSFS should/could be optional.

Or, we could propose a kernel for developers/clean with TOSFS totally
gone. And a users release with TOSFS optional. 

BTW, for ext2fs, Martin said something about imagecopy, Actually even with
SHORT names image copy will refuse to load anything from ext2fs. 

mypic.gif  on my ext2fs won't load, just say " Can't load picture".
But mylongfilenamehere.gif on the minix, it would work.

(that is using all latest versions of each software).

Some of the answers I got were, don't use this X software, it sucks, use Y

Well, ok, but Y software really sucks to me, while X software did what I
needed. So yes, of course, I could reboot in singletos and use this oh so
loved software, or even recompile each kernel with NEWFATFS option
available (until it is gone from the src officialy?)

Anyway, just trying to please everyone is not easy task, but everyone I
guess has the right to voice themselves out to help keeping MiNT as beeing
a replacement for TOS.