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Re: [MiNT] 1.15.7 beta

on Thu 02-03-2000 13:05 Katherine Ellis wrote:
>BTW, for ext2fs, Martin said something about imagecopy, Actually even with
>SHORT names image copy will refuse to load anything from ext2fs.

Image copy version 4.2b2 plus loads short names from an ext2fs. I could 
even load/display this 'orinocodoras_e.jpg' but not 'orinocodoras_ei.jpg' 
One thing however drag&drop doesn't work. I must load the picture by means 
of the file selector.
Papillon v3.04 loads from an ext2fs without any hasle and so does Pixart 
4.51, Smurf 1.05 and Photoline 2.30


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