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Re: [MiNT] Re: Gfx programs (was: 1.15.7 beta)

On Thu, 2 Mar 2000, Thomas wrote:

> Which version of Papillon do you have? AFAIK the version 3.0 supports long
> filenames, but I also have an old 2.x version here, so I can not say it
> sure. And do you know Pixart and Smurf? These are two other very good GEM
> graphic creation programs, that support long filenames, AFAIK.

Can not say about papillon,  pixart or Smurf on ext2fs as they
already crash VERY easily on simple TOSFS, MiNT, or even magic. 
So here it is beyond an OS issue.

I am starting to wonder why it is so hard to have good clean applications,
Are all atari programmers that dirty?? or is it that they don't get proper
docs? or that the OS is not helping the developers enough that they have
to reinvent the wheel everytime?

That is quite a concern to me that I can easily count the number
of clean good applications.  Not enough imo.

I am really looking for shared lib, and loadable library, hoping this will
help me write more powerful software without rewriting all the algo.

My dream is really like a lego world. sh script philosophy. Where you
basically could have calls like: (just hypothetical, but you'll get the


And such.

Just when I see the trouble I have with objc_edit(), redraws... what a
real pain to be honest :(