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Re: [MiNT] 1.15.7 beta

On 2000-3-2, kellis <kellis@leading.net> wrote:

[all unix apps and most GEM apps still work]

> I say, until all major software which do NOT have replacement
> to work nicely with NEWFATFS, it should be optional. 

I agree.

> Same thing almost with ext2fs, [...] Too many software break
> (who's fault, the old software, that is quite obvious), but
> the point is that there is no decent replacement for these.

I agree.  I use ImageCopy regularly, but it does not like ext2.
It works well on DOSFS or MinixFS, though.  

On MinixFS, it even takes the long filenames I throw at it,
although it does not see similar filenames beyond the 12th
character; it just loads the first one several times.

Until somebody makes the necessary changes in its source code
(unlikely: I contacted the author repeatedly; no response, even
though FaST Club assures me the author is still involved) or
creates a replacement software that does _everything_ ImageCopy
can, I still need one Minix drive.

As for Papillon, it doesn't like long filenames at all, even on
VFAT.  Yet, these are pretty much the only applications that are
half-decent on Atari, for image creation and conversion [1].

Like Kellis, I realize some people are perfectly happy using only
CLI stuff ported from UNIX.  However, most real-life users still
expect their GEM applications to work.  To most people, Atari is
still a simple "point and click" system and that is precisely why
they don't use Linux or Windows.  Cute, intuitive, simple = GEM.

Martin-Éric Racine  http://funkyware.atari.org/  Atari TT030 FAQ
Lappeenranta, Finland.  Surfing on a Intel/Microsoft-free GEM OS