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Re: [MiNT] 1.15.7 beta

Hi frank, Draco, Thomas and others...

here is a little bug report for 1.15.7:
(ct2, fastram, naes 2.0, nvdi 5.0)

mintnet works like it used to, ran many application and did not see any
problem, ran some games (tautology2, GEM games, bugger and such), gfa
editor worked, my own program worked also (thank god! ;).

However, 1 thing I do not agree is the NEWTOSFS not being optional
anymore. This breaks gfa compiler for example That means (I know you all
will say I should code in C), that I just can not code anymore at all.
I say, until all major software which do NOT have replacement to work
nicely with NEWFATFS, it should be optional. A list could be made. 
I am all for improvment and to go forward, but I can not afford not
programing anymore just because TOSFS is not optional.
Same thing almost with ext2fs, and still why I still haven't converted my
minix to ext2fs. I have ext2fs only as extra partition for unix only ports
and such, but in no way it can become my primary partition. Too many
software break (who's fault, the old software, that is quite
obvious), but this is not the point. The point is that there is no decent
replacement for these. That means we have to deal with them.

I know some of you only run 1 or 2 programs and that's it. 1 compiler, 1
text editor and they are happy. So I understand them, they are not very
needy. Where's the real clean replacement of interface, gfa, imagecopy and
such? These DO run (fortunately) in MiNT quite well enough, just because
of the TOSFS (rom). If you take TOSFS away, you are taking too many
software away from MiNT.

Other than that beta7 seems to work fine so far... :)


On Tue, 29 Feb 2000, Frank Naumann wrote:

> Hello!
> I made a new beta version. Available on my homepage.