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Re: [MiNT] new ircII and Pine


On 2000-3-2, Frank Naumann <fnaumann@cs.uni-magdeburg.de> wrote:

> > > ..../sparemint/RPMS/m68kmint/pine-4.10-4.m68kmint.rpm
> > 
> > That is a rather old version; the current one is 4.21.  
> Interesting, will take a look on the current pine version.

Well, I've ported it already.  The only problem is, even though
I have about 6 MB of ram left when I start the build process,
GCC eventually reports "virtual memory exausted" and LD exits
with error 10 when trying to bind libpico.a with ncurses at the
end of the Pico building part.

> You are the only person who reported such an error.

Ever seen any private individual reporting anything to Microsoft?
Neither have I, yet Windows is the worst crap ever.  People even
pay for it, yet they apparently don't complain, even though
every one encountered problems that resulted in a blue screen 
at least once in their life.... 

Martin-Éric Racine  http://funkyware.atari.org/  Atari TT030 FAQ
Lappeenranta, Finland.  Surfing on a Intel/Microsoft-free GEM OS