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Re: [MiNT] pppd at 230400

M-E wrote:

> > > Please have a look at kernel 1.14.3, whose sources _were_
> > > patched to implement 115200.
> > 
> > Yes, the BIOS device driver code.
> ...which needs to be patched again to include 76800, 153600 and
> 230400 bauds.


> Anyhow, this does confirm that baudrate support has nothing to do
> with whether someone uses the new XDD loadable serial drivers or
> not, contrary to what some others tried to imply.

I don't think you've ever seen the source to any of the
serial-XDDs, I don't even think you know what they do.
Because this is pure BS.

Again: ->If you use the XDD<- (and who wouldn't, as I recall
you where one of those that cried loudest and demanded a
MiNT-friendly replacement for HS-Modem) then the kernel has
absolutely nothing to do with baudrates, handshake or any
other hardware-related stuff. This is what the XDD do. Take
a look at the source for e.g. scc.xdd, and you'll see for

If you *don't* use the XDD the kernel must be patched, but
why spend valuable time on something like that?

Jo Even Skarstein