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[MiNT] pppd?

Hello everyone,

and sorry for the subscribe message, if anyone actually got that.
(a nice debut to the list, don't you think?).

I joined because although I have run MagiC for years, I have started to
get serious in running MiNT as well, now that I have a fulltime static IP
for the TT.

I have had some problems setting MiNT up, mainly due to lack of
ducumentation, and the installable distributions (like kgmd) being out of
date.  I finally have my MiNT system up and working (locally).  (thanks to
Draco's help on that one).

I have thus far been unable to set up a network link for the TT.

To explain my situation:

I am leasing internet connectivity and several static IP addresses.
Since the TT doesn't have an ethernet port, and my SparcStation does, I
had set up the Sparc to do Proxy ARP for the TT's Ip address, and also I
had run SLATTACH on the TT to set up a SL/IP link, and I used STinG with
it's slip module in MagiC.  This worked fine and well, but no telnet
server, no restricted access, etc.

In running MiNT's slattach, I realize it is nothing like the standard ones
used in NetBSD, linux, or solaris.  Since some people have recommended it
(though without any substantial reason), I have decided to try pppd

I set up pppd fine on the sparc, however when I attempt to run pppd on the
TT, it just brings me back to the bash prompt.  A quick check of PS shows
me that it's not running.  If I look in /var/log/messages, there is an
error about an invalid function call.  

Specifically, this is what I see:

dec 7 19:04:54 monolith pppd[133] pppd 2.2.0 started by root, uid 0
dec 7 19:04:54 monolith pppd[133] tcgetattr: invalid function number
dec 7 19:04:54 monolith pppd[133] Exit.

I was wondering if this was a known problem with pppd 2.2.0, or if it is
possibly caused by some configuration issue?

   Noah Silva