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Re: [MiNT] Re: more on ppp problem.


I seem to have solved the initial problem by using /dev/ttyS3.  Thank 
you for cluing me onto that, as I actually had no docs for scc.xdd.  There
are no strange serial port errors, and it is getting farther.  There is
still a problem though, which looks like maybe a configuration issue or
incompatible pppd?

on the Atari Side I see (in the syslog):

dec 9 11:02:32 mlth pppd[80]: protocol-Reject for unsupported protocol 0x1
                              protocol-Reject for unsupported protocol

 quite a few times, followed by:

CCP: timeout sending Config-Requests.

on the unix side, I am seeing just:

dec 9 11:08:01 sparcy pppd[13678]: ccp: timeout sending Config-requests

the pppd I am running on the unix machine is 2.3.11 also.

I do have "noauth" in both files as was suggested.  Other than that, the
options are fairly straightforward I think.

   noah silva