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Re: [MiNT] OpenSSh port

On Mon, 11 Dec 2000, Thomas Binder wrote:

> As there's no login program for Sparemint yet, sshd was
> compiled without support for it.

There are already _two_ recent logins:  

1) Nlogin, avaiable on SpareMiNT by Guido.
2) Login, available on GNU/MiNT by Nocrew.

Also, people might have an old KGMD login lying around.  Either
way, it's no excuse not to support /bin/login by default.

> > 3) produces the following error messages, after authentication is accepted:
> > Dec  7 21:22:39 rakas sshd[70]: syslogin_perform_logout: logout() returned an error
> I've never seen that before. Is that with /bin/login enabled?

> > 1) needed two (2) hours to generate a default 1024 bits DSA key, while
> >    ssh 1.2.26's ssh-keygen succeeded in about 10 minutes (on a standard TT).
> Well, you know that DSA and RSA are very different schemes?

Well, even RSA key generation took about 30 minutes using this
new ssh-keygen.  Thank God, people don't have to create new keys
all the time! ;-)

> > Btw, regarding the installation warning: I thought that the initial
> > SpareMiNT GCC "specs" had been fixed later, so that m68020-60 no
> > longer implied an FPU, but only the CPU architecture as expected?
> Nothing has/had to be "fixed" here. The official docs of gcc say that
> this option will automatically enable FPU usage. Period.

This was not the case previously until GCC 2.81, though, was it?
Why try fixing something that was not broken?  Vitut pingviinit!

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