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Re: [MiNT] OpenSSh port


On Mon, Dec 11, 2000 at 06:35:36PM +0200, you wrote:
> > As there's no login program for Sparemint yet, sshd was
> > compiled without support for it.
> There are already _two_ recent logins:  
> 1) Nlogin, avaiable on SpareMiNT by Guido.

Ouch. Would you care to read the package information?

-- snip --
The nlogin package provides a graphical login screen. The program is
usually invoked by a corresponding entry in /etc/inittab for the GEM
runlevel. It will ask the login information from whoever wants to start
a GEM session and then starts GEM with her identity.
-- snap --

So, this is a /bin/login? Mhmm ...

> 2) Login, available on GNU/MiNT by Nocrew.

And that's a Sparemint package? Mhmm ...

> Also, people might have an old KGMD login lying around.  Either
> way, it's no excuse not to support /bin/login by default.

WTF do you need /bin/login? Doesn't the daemon work?

And just to clarify: I do not owe you or anyone else anything. If you
don't like the port, or the decisions I made, DIY, but don't get on the
high horse and say something I did "has no excuse".

> > Well, you know that DSA and RSA are very different schemes?
> Well, even RSA key generation took about 30 minutes using this
> new ssh-keygen.  Thank God, people don't have to create new keys
> all the time! ;-)

The whole key generation is handled by OpenSSL. If it's slow(er), I
can't do anything about it.



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