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Re: [MiNT] OpenSSh port


On Mon, Dec 11, 2000 at 05:56:56PM +0100, Thomas Binder wrote:
> Hi!
> On Mon, Dec 11, 2000 at 06:35:36PM +0200, you wrote:
> > > As there's no login program for Sparemint yet, sshd was
> > > compiled without support for it.
> > 
> > There are already _two_ recent logins:  
> > 
> > 1) Nlogin, avaiable on SpareMiNT by Guido.
> Ouch. Would you care to read the package information?
> -- snip --
> The nlogin package provides a graphical login screen. The program is
> usually invoked by a corresponding entry in /etc/inittab for the GEM
> runlevel. It will ask the login information from whoever wants to start
> a GEM session and then starts GEM with her identity.
> -- snap --
> So, this is a /bin/login? Mhmm ...

This isn't.  But with the new utmp/wtmp stuff in the MiNTLib all commonly
available /bin/login versions compile out of the box.  You would
preferably choose one that has support for shadow passwords.

I am positive that I have compiled and used a new /bin/login on my TT.  I
am not sure whether I have put it on Sparemint or not.  AFAIR I haven't
installed the one that is included in the shadow-utils (although it would
be usable).  I have taken some Redhat version instead, I think.

Anyway, /bin/login is mostly no problem to build.  You may have to tweak
around to disable PAM, you should make sure that shadow passwords are
enabled, and you have to decide which utmp/wtmp facility to use (see my
other mail).  Apart from that, no big affair.



> WTF do you need /bin/login? Doesn't the daemon work?

If you haven't patched anything in the daemon, it will use new style
utmp/wtmp loggin by the way ... ;-)