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Re: [MiNT] ext2fs and TOS domain


Frank Naumann a écrit:
> There is no real way to solve the problems for TOS domain programs. Also
> MinixFS have problems. With the right constellations you have the same
> problems (opening wrong files for example).
> Due to this I don't added any TOS domain workaround for ext2.
> It's not recommended to use ext2 with old TOS programs. For strict
> compatibilty please use the FATFS that is designed to be 100% backward
> compatible.

I understand you don't want to waste time on this. But it seems that
many newbies try to use ext2fs and because of this problem, switch to
minixfs (and not fatfs, since they still want acces rights).

Of course I'm not asking you to do these modifications. But if you (and
the others) don't have other arguments against them, I hope you'll agree
I can try to modify ext2.xfs.