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Re: [MiNT] ext2fs and TOS domain


> > It's not recommended to use ext2 with old TOS programs. For strict
> > compatibilty please use the FATFS that is designed to be 100% backward
> > compatible.
> I understand you don't want to waste time on this. But it seems that
> many newbies try to use ext2fs and because of this problem, switch to
> minixfs (and not fatfs, since they still want acces rights).

I never heard of anyone who had problems with that.

Access rights for old TOS programs are just a joke. Normally you must them
still execute as root due to Super() stuff and other things like that.

> Of course I'm not asking you to do these modifications. But if you (and
> the others) don't have other arguments against them, I hope you'll agree
> I can try to modify ext2.xfs.

You don't understand the problem. You can't solve this in a clean way.
There is no way to deterministic decide the problems you get with
case-sensitive to case-insensitive filename mapping. All what you add
will be a hack (and in general I dislike hacks as they normally have bad
side effects).

The only real solution is to have two filenames for every file (a short
and a long name) like it's implemented in the FATFS.


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