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Re: [MiNT] [Aranym-user] AHDI Problems

V Čt, 25. 03. 2004 v 14:12, Standa Opichal píše:
> > > BTW: Taking the message literally... "AHDI 3.0 not supported on this
> > > system, please update.". Why FreeMiNT simply dosn't do halt instead of
> > > running further.
> >
> > Why should FreeMiNT halt?
> Frank, read the warning message again. "NOT SUPPORTED". This ussually
> means that it can't work at all. It should probably say something else
> that a terminal message that is saying now.

Two things: first, it's not a terminal message, but a debug message that
is printed via the NFDebug system. Redirect it to /dev/null and you're
done :)

Second, I think that the problem is actually in my partial
implementation of XHDI in EmuTOS. I wrote a couple of XHDI functions
that MiNT needs but didn't bother with emulating AHDI 3.x puninfo
structures. I don't know if MiNT needs them or not and how makes use of
them so if somebody knows why MiNT asks for the AHDI upgrade then let me
know, please.