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Re: [MiNT] Missing .so libs 'solution'?


On Mon, 15 Mar 2004, Jan Krupka wrote:

> Dne po 15. březen 2004 09:12 Standa Opichal napsal(a):
> > I've been looking on several projects and swearing on that FreeMiNT don't
> > have support for .so libs....
> >* Is the virtual memory really needed for this?
> >
> > No! All the libs may be loaded upon each request again into the process's
> > memory space. It would work exactly the same way as staticaly linked libs,
> > but they won't be a part of the binary. ;)
> it is nice idea, but I am afraid that MiNT lacks of ELF binary.

Good, so is that 'just' the binutils that needs to port more stuff from
some other m68k target that supports ELF?

What else? Guru?