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Re: [MiNT] Missing .so libs 'solution'?

>> > I've been looking on several projects and swearing on that FreeMiNT
>> > have support for .so libs....
>> >* Is the virtual memory really needed for this?

Yes (see more).

>> >
>> > No! All the libs may be loaded upon each request again into the
>> > memory space. It would work exactly the same way as staticaly linked
>> > but they won't be a part of the binary. ;)
>> it is nice idea, but I am afraid that MiNT lacks of ELF binary.
> Good, so is that 'just' the binutils that needs to port more stuff from
> some other m68k target that supports ELF?
> What else? Guru?

"The Guru" herwe would be Guido. Unfortunetly he sometimes "dissapears" for
some ammounts of time, so I'll present what he presentet to me.

ELF binaries do not require VM, but it is su-much-easier to add ELF support
if there is aleready VM, so Guido told that he investigated that matters and
told against adding ELF support without VM support first.

On the other hand we do not need ELF support for shared libraries, we could
have a.out shared libraries. They do not need VM at all, bu tafter I read
some things about a.out in Linux I am strongly against adding a.out shared
libraries to MiNT (btw. Konrad once said that we would go for it).

My vote is ELF and ELF shared libraries with VM, becouse that would give us
standard way for that.

Semper Fidelis

Adam Klobukowski