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Re: [MiNT] Missing .so libs 'solution'?


On Mon, 15 Mar 2004, Adam Kłobukowski wrote:

> >> it is nice idea, but I am afraid that MiNT lacks of ELF binary.
> >
> > Good, so is that 'just' the binutils that needs to port more stuff from
> > some other m68k target that supports ELF?
> "The Guru" herwe would be Guido. Unfortunetly he sometimes "dissapears" for
> some ammounts of time, so I'll present what he presentet to me.
> ELF binaries do not require VM, but it is su-much-easier to add ELF support
> if there is aleready VM, so Guido told that he investigated that matters and
> told against adding ELF support without VM support first.

I'd like to hear more details on this, please... Guido? Anybody?

> On the other hand we do not need ELF support for shared libraries, we could
> have a.out shared libraries. They do not need VM at all, bu tafter I read
> some things about a.out in Linux I am strongly against adding a.out shared
> libraries to MiNT (btw. Konrad once said that we would go for it).

Well? So what is the problem there?

> My vote is ELF and ELF shared libraries with VM, becouse that would give us
> standard way for that.

I don't talk about votes but about real existing feature here. I don't
want to wait until somebody brave enough does the BSD VM stuff port or
something... I'd like to see the .so libs working anyhow.

I vote to _make it possible_! Any other votes?