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Re: [MiNT] -fPIC (was: Re: mintlib and shareable libraries)


On Tue, 16 Mar 2004, Frank Naumann wrote:

> > Hmm, PIC? How's the code generated by a current gcc 2.95.x supported by
> > SpareMiNT dependent on a memory address that is loaded to? We don't have
> > VM and so we do relocation by each exec(), right?
> This have nothing todo with the compiler. The linker is responsible for that

Yes, speaking about prepared address independent machine code segments.

> , e.g. Guido biggest problem of the  m68k-mint a.out target
> implementation in the binutils was to remember all relocation informations
> as the binutils throw them away during the linking process (but they are
> strictly needed for our platform as the final relocation is done on
> program startup).

I can understand this, but I can't believe that there is no such
implementation aldready around... Or am I false?

> > In case the binary is made using -fPIC. Do we have to do any relocation at
> > all?
> >
> > So with -fPIC we can just resolve symbols across libs/executables and we
> > are done. This is what ELF loader need to do no matter if the VM is or
> > is not in use.
> >
> > Is that correct?
> There is no working PIC or pic support in the current m68k-atari-mint
> toolchain.

Patrice did something for the gcc 3.x port IIRC. What is the status of