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Re: [MiNT] -fPIC (was: Re: mintlib and shareable libraries)


> Hmm, PIC? How's the code generated by a current gcc 2.95.x supported by
> SpareMiNT dependent on a memory address that is loaded to? We don't have
> VM and so we do relocation by each exec(), right?

This have nothing todo with the compiler. The linker is responsible for
that, e.g. Guido biggest problem of the m68k-mint a.out target
implementation in the binutils was to remember all relocation informations
as the binutils throw them away during the linking process (but they are
strictly needed for our platform as the final relocation is done on
program startup).

> In case the binary is made using -fPIC. Do we have to do any relocation at
> all?
> So with -fPIC we can just resolve symbols across libs/executables and we
> are done. This is what ELF loader need to do no matter if the VM is or
> is not in use.
> Is that correct?

There is no working PIC or pic support in the current m68k-atari-mint


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