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[MiNT] pppd success!

First, my apologies. It seems that all of my problems with MiNT,
even the little things, have been due to failing disk drives.

I just put the 12th (yes, 11+1) drive in my external SCSI box,
which I have been using for MiNT. So far, 4 Hewlett Packard,
removed from working equipment, 7 Seagate Barracuda, removed from
working equipment and tested (yes, really) and finally an IBM
Untrastore, which looked new on the outside. This one seems to

So, I reloaded EasyMint, added files I wanted to add, and seem to
have gotten two bad tries at running pppd. These involved calling
unimplimented functions, syslogd not finding a file, and other
such things.

Then, for no apparent reason, from ifconfig:

ppp0:flags=0x51 <UP, POINTTOPOINT, RUNNING> with the wrong
dstadir, so host not found errors.

That, I knew how to fix, and while I was at it, did the sln
Martin Tarenskeen recommended, tried it again, and it works.

So it is probably OK that drive problems kept me from making much
progress on compiling pppd, because that now seems to be

What got me going in this direction was a sequence of letters,
maybe from STiNG, maybe from MiNT, and probably involving
Earthlink as an ISP, rather than my current ISP. Having read the
ppp RFC, which said that 0x21 was PPP, it looked strange to me.

Unsupported Protocol IP (0x21) received
sent LCP [ProtReg
recvd IPCPTermReq
IPCP terminated by peer
recd LCP terminated by peer

This is from handwritten notes. I know that [ is unbalanced.

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