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[MiNT] pppd minor problems

Now that this thing, pppd, works, it will not shut off, and it
will not restart. Killing the process does not stop the process,
and turn my modem off. After the ISP finally kills the link, the
process shows, to ifconfig, as still running. In order to start
pppd again, it requires a shutdown and reboot. Better than
nothing, of course.

It has been so long since pppd last worked, that I do not know
what I had for a socket device xdd file. Could that be a problem?

And if so, which one works best on a TT030. MiNT 1.15.12, N-AES,
NVDI, HDDriver?

Or, what simple thing am I still missing?  Or is this hard disk
in the process of failing too?

The only things changed in my MiNT.cnf file is three defintions
of tmp, and a gemar.xfs that cannot find a file it needs.

Could it be serial cpx, which got added to put things back to
where they were, after wvdial did something strange. It did find
my modem, but could not dial. Or at least I did not play with it
enough to get it working. It seems to tell my modem more that it
needs to know, and may get it confused.

Any suggestions, no matter what, will be gratefully considered.

BTW, the only way I have ever gotten MiNT to shut down is to
start a shell in TosWin2, and type "shutdown". N-closure does
nothing, but looks pretty.

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