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Re: [MiNT] wind_xget()


ons, 15,.12.2004 kl. 17.04 +0100, skrev Olivier Landemarre:
> > display  it... and for that purpose a simple string is the best choice.
> Yes I think like you, but Emmanuel Barranger return me that there any 
> AES displaying in the same way 3D objects (for me it's not a problem, 
> EBModel have very specific way to use AES ;-)), in fact it should use 
> objc_sysvar() two know most of parameters, it should be enough I think, 
> but he wan't absolutly have this information!. A lot of time software 

Ok. Then you must convince Barranger that objc_sysvar() MUST be used to
obtain such info. XaAES will soon have an API that allows for "3rd-
party-object-tree-rederer-drivers" along with "window-drawing" drivers,
and such parameters will differ from driver to driver. objc_sysvar()
will the reflect these things. Using AES ID will NOT be a reliable way
to find out how XaAES draws objects!!

> doesn't use good function to know what AES do, and for this, most AES 
> should do the same or have trouble with software, for example SHADOWED 
> object, it's only 2lines at the bottom and right side, for MyAeS it's 
> nothing at this time, and perhaps in futur, it could be true shadow 
> object, why not, and some apply to object 0 and after do a realtime move 
> of the objet, with the size they think to be, not what AES wan't it is, 
> rather use form_center() to know real size of the object.

 Best regards
Odd Skancke