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[MiNT] appl_getinfo(AES_SYSTEM)

 Hello everybody,

> I have add a small modification too in appl_getinfo(), for ressource 
> load capacity, I have already post here my need, without answer I have 
> do this
> case 2: /* AES_SYSTEM */
> pb->intout[1]=Getrez(); /* Getrez() */
> pb->intout[2]=256; /* nombre de couleurs support‚s par AES object 
> library stupide! */
> pb->intout[3]=1; /* couleurs icones support‚es */
> pb->intout[4]=1+2; /* 1-> long ressource as AES 4.0 define, 2->long 
> ressources as Interface define */
> break;
> I need this because I have correct Vision that use a very buggy version of xrsrc! that have a lot of trouble with MyAeS (I don't know where this version was found!), and because I didn't wan't correct this part of code, I wan't only use standard rsrc_load() when present, actually I have force to do this and it work perfectly, but of course on other system like NAES it crash! If you not see any incompatibility (I notice myself nothing) it could cool that we do the same.
> Regards
> Olivier

 And foolishly I just did the above without implementing the "long
resources as Interface define", causing me instability problems that
nearly drove me insane. So, hopefully the current version should be OK

 Ok. I need information about the long resources as interface define it,
so I can implement it in XaAES as well. Can anyone help? Preferrably in
english, since I have yet to learn german :) Where can I find this info,

 Best regards

 Odd Skancke