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[MiNT] rsrc_load

OS> information about the long resources as interface define it,

Interface use this header for rsc with more than 64Kbyte.
typedef struct
  UWORD rsh_vrsn;     /* should be 3                                 */
  UWORD rsh_extvrsn;  /* not used, initialised to 'IN' for Interface */
  ULONG rsh_object;
  ULONG rsh_tedinfo;
  ULONG rsh_iconblk;  /* list of ICONBLKS                            */
  ULONG rsh_bitblk;
  ULONG rsh_frstr;
  ULONG rsh_string;
  ULONG rsh_imdata;   /* image data                                  */
  ULONG rsh_frimg;
  ULONG rsh_trindex;
  ULONG rsh_nobs;     /* counts of various structs                   */
  ULONG rsh_ntree;
  ULONG rsh_nted;
  ULONG rsh_nib;
  ULONG rsh_nbb;
  ULONG rsh_nstring;
  ULONG rsh_nimages;
  ULONG rsh_rssize;   /* total bytes in resource                     */

I can send you the sourcecode of the XRSC function.