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Re: [MiNT] Ammount of file descriptors per process

Standa Opichal napisał(a):
 * Sysconf(which): returns information about system configuration.
 *       2      max. number of open files per process   {OPEN_MAX}

Ad 3. Sysconf(SYS_MAXFILES) returns 32. Test fails after opening 26 files.

This is not the number of files you can open, this is the maximum number of files a process can have open.

Hoops this sentence is where my English fails completely, could you write it some other way for us (yes, we are more than one here that didn't get it)?

It is the number of files a process can open at the same time (without closing any).

Under Unix every process have at least 3 open file descriptors at

 >> start (stdin, stdout, stderr). Under FreeMiNT it's more due to
 >> TOS emulation.

Right. Hmm, so does Sysconf(2) return the number of files a single process can open (32)?


Semper Fidelis

Adam Klobukowski