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Re: [MiNT] GlueStiK bug/shortcoming?

on Fri 24-12-2004 12:11 Lonny Pursell wrote:

>on 12/24/04 7:03 AM, Martin "Nightowl" Byttebier wrote:
>> Hello,
>> Since quite some time I can't retrieve big mails (larger then 30 Kb), at
>> least not with Popwatch or Newsie.
>> Both give me this warning:
>> STiK Version: 01.13 Scott Bigham, Frank Naumann (GlueSTiK¿ v0.13)
>> -> retr 2
>> +OK 3347902 octets
>> -> quit
>> CNbyte_count(2) returns (-24974) Unrecognized error
>> I wonder if this a bug/shortcoming of Gluestik or is Popwatch/Newsie the
>> problem?
>> With Mymail (latest beta) I can retrieve big mails.
>> Setup: Hades 060, freeMiNT 1.16.2/XaAES/gluestik
>That looks like an old gluestik to me.
>Version .30 is the latest.  Grab it here:

Hm, is that so? The Gluestik I use came from the official 1.16.1 
Anyway I grab that version which is slighted larger (117.114 bytes 
against 116.188 bytes) then the version I use. No different. I still 
can't get large files.



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