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Re: [MiNT] Loopback device for MiNT, request for comments


going further, is if it would work. To have it working, the device
driver needs to call standard fs functions to access the bound file,
so is MiNT's gemdos part reentrant, i.e. loop device -> other fs ->
other device would work ?

This is not recommended. Please use kernel_open/read/write/close from
inside kernel. The standard fs functions are context bounded.

I call them through the kerinfo structure passed as parameter to the xdd
init function, via the dos_tab array, isn't it the same ?

As I said, this don't work as the syscalls are context dependant, e.g. the syscalls operate in a process context and only modify the process context. So if you open a file in the context of process A you can only access the file from process A. Process B don't know anything about these open file.

If not, how can I access the kernel_* functions from a xdd ?

You are right, they are only exported to the new style kernel interface (not the old one as still used by xfs/xdd). Anyway, before you can write a loopback driver we require block device support in the kernel too.


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