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Re: [MiNT] some gem question

tree[ROOT].ob_height += 20;     /* dialog box */
g_winDialogs[WD_PLUGIN]->work.g_h += 20;        /* window height */

wind_calc_grect (WC_BORDER, g_winDialogs[WD_PLUGIN]->win_kind, &g_winDialogs[WD_PLUGIN]->work, &temp );
wind_set_grect( g_winDialogs[WD_PLUGIN]->win_handle, WF_CURRXYWH, &temp );

ok, so this code is bad :) It still behaves strange (bug in redraws etc). Could someone show me how to do simple operation like this:

create window
decrease window height, let's say -160
open window
close window
increase window height by +160
open window

?? I'm probably blind but I can't get it working. What combination of wind set/get (if any) I should call? Simple increasing work area and calling wind_set (WF_WORKXYWH) doesn't help, too.

btw Standa: yes, that's nice Ozk is working on it but that could be a week, month, year when he finishes it... I want to use some skins now.. so doing it by myself seems to be the only solution..


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