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Re: [MiNT] some gem question

Really I not understand what you wan't to do if it's to create your hown custom
window, with your own widget, the only way is to create a window with no KIND,
and redraw all as you wan't as EBModel do for example, in my point of view it's
not a good way, because it's slower than standard one, and have not the same
look as other. If you wan't replace only one widget for example sizer this
impossible because you can't have message. If you wan't change on top or left
part, it's possible but you are not sure it will work in all AES because it's
possible that some widget are not alway's in the same part (perhaps one day an
AES will wan't to put MOVER on left why not?!)

nono, we don't understand each other. Main goal isn't to make COMPLETELY new window-look, I just wanted to do two things:

1. replace SIZER by custom icon
2. resize window by this icon

All other parts like MOVER, CLOSER etc will remain here.

Anyway, I fixed my problem - the main thing was I used all that wind_get/set with closed window so I always got zeros as coordinates... When I think now about it, it's quite logical ;-) It's as simple as wind_get / add +160 to height / wind_set... as WF_WORKXYWH ofcourse.

Do one for MyAeS ;-) this is possible for far, it's even possible to add new
widgets whithout the AES know it.

as soon as MyAES will run under memory protection ;-)


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