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Re: [MiNT] scsilib


- in bootmenu.c there's commented out storing current debug level into ini
file. is there some reason for it?

I think ozk or draco can answer this. Maybe there was a bug or problem related to this option.

- in the driver code I check some cookies. for some strange reason I couldn't
use get_toscookie from kernel but s_system (GET_COOKIE blah blah). I've got a

Right, get_toscookie lookup the *original* TOS cookie table, not the FreeMiNT cookie table. With other words, use s_system() to lookup the final FreeMiNT cookie table.

- how to make/send patches in so called 'offline way'? That means I'm at PC,
cvs checkout freemint source, copy to falcon, make some changes, I'm back at
PC and -- can I safely made diff -r -u freemint freemint-mikro and send an
output? With all that garbage left? (.dep, CVSROOT, ...) I noticed make
distclean from ./freemint doesn't erase everything and there are still that
cvs-dependent files.

Then the distclean target shall be enhanced to remove these files too. If you regulary develop on the kernel you can also get cvs write access to directly commit your changes.

- how to enable DEBUG, TRACE in xfs/xdd/xif modules? In kernel it works
via -DDEBUG_INFO but with this config I still see nothing via XIF's DEBUG().

You have two options: define your own DEBUG macros that go over KERNEL_DEBUG (see xdd/uart/pc16550.c for an example, search for "debugging stuff") or compile the inet4 module with debug enabled (sockets/global.h, set DEV_DEBUG to 1).

- this isn't a question, just an idea: what do you say for adding
functionality for multiple sysdirs? I mean, now we have 1-16-3, 1-17-cur,
etc, cool.


Sounds good. If ozk aggree I would say, just work on it. But please not graphical (a text interface is enough I think). I also had the idea to sort out the boot loader into a separate binary that then finally load the kernel and set some options (save a little bit of memory too).


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