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Re: [MiNT] scsilib


just two things:

1. I've made a stupid mistake in bootmenu.c (I replaced "-1" by "1" and didn't 
notice it isn't flag but number indicating number of seconds -- unfortunately 
this feature isn't used in boot menu). Please revert my changes to this 
file :)

2. I'm playing with mintlib a little bit -- it seems mintlib isn't compilable 
as is on plain setup (i.e. just some tools + gcc + binutils + flex + bison + 
make) -- syscall target needs both crt0.o and libc.a which is pretty bad in 
my opinion. I've made some experiments and I've got it running -- first make 
in ./startup, then make in ./lib and then make in ./syscall 
with -I$PWD/../include and references to startup and lib for libs. But I'm 
not sure if this is correct, i.e. if some output of syscall target isn't some 
input for lib* targets?

MiKRO / Mystic Bytes